Name of qualification Name of qualification: Operater/operaterka v kartonažiAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status) Translated title: Cardboard packaging operator
Type of qualification Type of qualification: National vocational qualification, SQF level 5
Category of qualification Category of qualification: Vocational Qualification
Type of education Type of education: Upper secondary technical education
Admission requirements Entry conditions:
  • At least elementary education and five years' work experience in the field of preparation and manufacture of packaging; or
  • at least a secondary school qualification and three years' work experience in the field of preparation and manufacture of packaging; or
  • at least a vocational school qualification in the graphics field and two years' work experience in the field of preparation and manufacture of packaging.
ISCED field Field:
Arts and humanities
ISCED subfield subfield: audio-visual techniques and media production
Qualification level

SQF Level: SQF 5
EQF Level: EQF 4

Learning outcomes:

Learning outcomes Candidates will be able to:

  • plan and organise their own work and the work of a team,
  • make rational use of energy, material and time,
  • ensure the quality and efficiency of their own work in the working environment in accordance with standards,
  • protect health and the environment, - develop entrepreneurial characteristics, skills and behaviour,
  • communicate with co-workers and clients, - lead a group and cooperate in it,
  • use modern information and communication technologies,
  • carry out work in accordance with technical and technological instructions,
  • construct and manufacture various types of packaging,
  • make tools and counter dies for punching and corrugating,
  • punch, corrugate, fold, paste and carry out other finishing operations in cardboard packaging,
  • operate cardboard packaging machinery and equipment. 


Verification and assessment are carried out by committees for the verification and validation of national vocational qualifications, appointed by the National Examination Centre (NEC). Committee members must be licensed by the National Examination Centre. Licences may be found here.

Assesment and completion:


  • During the guidance process the candidate prepares a portfolio, which the committee assesses and may then validate the contents in part or in full, if the portfolio submitted by the candidate contains proof of work experience in the construction of packaging, making tools for for punching and corrugating with counter dies, experience of printing using hot printing, blind printing or flex printing techniques or experience of laminating packaging material and making a final product.
  • Candidates whose personal portfolio contains proof of the work experience indicated above but this does not fully satisfy point 11 this catalogue shall also undergo verification in those tasks which the committee was unable to validate.
  • If the candidate does not provide evidence in the portfolio of the work experience indicated above as laid down by point 11 of this catalogue, the committee will verify the construction of packaging, the making of a tool for punching and corrugating with a counter die, printing using the hot printing, blind printing or flex printing technique or lamination of packaging material and the elaboration of a final product.


  • Candidates demonstrate their proficiency in the required tasks via a practical assignment; this is followed by an oral presentation.

Operater/operaterka v kartonaži




Matura/vocational course, higher vocational education (SQF level 6), professional higher education (SQF level 7) and academic higher education (SQF level 7)

Conditions for obtaining a public document:

Candidates demonstrate attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.

Awarding body:

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating NVQs are entered in a register of providers maintained in the collection of the national information centre for vocational qualifications. These are: vocational schools, businesses, B2B training centres, adult education centres and chambers of commerce.

Currently no providers.


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