Purpose of the national point and its connection with the European Commission

The SQF-EQF National Coordination Point (NQF SQF-EQF) was appointed in October 2009 at the initiative of the European Commission and the Recommendations of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on the establishment of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (23 April 2008). This has made the CPI one of the national coordination points of the European Qualifications Framework, operating in all EU Member States.

The EQF National Coordination Point is the link between the European Commission and the Member State in the implementation of the EQF initiative. In its work, it provides information to the European Commission and domestic stakeholders on the European and national qualifications framework, prepares professional materials, leads the promotion of the European and national qualifications framework, etc. The basic purpose of the point is to ensure the transparency of the qualifications system in the Republic of Slovenia.

Tasks of the national coordination point

The Slovenian Qualifications Framework Act (ZSOK, Ur.l.104 / 15) defined the tasks of the NKT SOK-EOK, which are intended to support various target groups (employers, employees, students and training providers):

  • Development and implementation of the SQF
  • concern for the development of the SQF and connection with the EQF;
  • providing access to information on SQF, EQF and QF-EHEA;
  • managing the process of placing the SQF in the EQF;
  • issuance of certificates on the level of SQF and EQF for NVQs;
  • promotion of SQF and EQF in the Slovenian public.

Register of SQF qualifications

  • publishing and maintaining the register of SQF qualifications and links to the EQF portal.

Supplementary qualifications

  • managing the process of placing additional qualifications in the SQF;
  • professional and administrative support to the operation of the NCP SQF-EQF Expert Panel.

Participation in the network of national EQF coordination points.


Contact Person

Aleksandar Sladojević
Head of Department 
phone: +386 1 5864 225
e-mail: aleksandar.sladojevic@cpi.si

Woman reading flyer about SQF