Name of qualification Name of qualification: Voznik/voznica v cestnem prometuAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status) Translated title: Road vehicle driver
Type of qualification Type of qualification: National vocational qualification, SQF level 4
Category of qualification Category of qualification: Vocational Qualification
Admission requirements Entry conditions:
  • Completed elementary education,
  • valid driving licence (category B, C, D or E).
ISCED field Field:
ISCED subfield subfield: transport services
Qualification level

SQF Level: SQF 4
EQF Level: EQF 4

Learning outcomes:

Candidates will be able to:

  • plan, prepare, carry out and check own work,
  • communicate with contracting entities, co-workers, passengers and others,
  • operate a goods vehicle or bus,
  • transport goods or passengers,
  • handle transport documents and fill out records,
  • be responsible for the maintenance of a vehicle and documentation on the vehicle, the driver, passengers or freight,
  • control the operation of a vehicle,
  • observe and implement occupational safety requirements and act in an environmentally friendly manner
  • autonomously resolve problems and take action in emergency situations.


Verification and assessment are carried out by committees for the verification and validation of national vocational qualifications, appointed by the National Examination Centre (NEC). Committee members must be licensed by the National Examination Centre. Licences may be found here.

Assesment and completion:

Candidate's portfolio

Candidates may also prove their knowledge and skills with the appropriate documents:

  • certificates from state-approved education programmes,
  • certificates from tests of professional competence (state-approved documents under earlier traffic regulations);
  • certificates of competence or other documents demonstrating the attainment of the standard of knowledge and skills from this catalogue which candidates have obtained in other EU countries.

The knowledge of a candidate undergoing full verification is verified in writing in all thematic categories with examination questions structured in various ways (40% in the form of a test, 60% in the form of open questions or tasks in which the candidate demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of technical content), in accordance with the catalogue of standards of professional knowledge and skills.

Partial verification of knowledge and skills is determined by the examination panel on the basis of the candidate's portfolio. Verification is prepared with regard to already acquired knowledge and the knowledge and skills which the candidate must demonstrate during verification in accordance with point 4.2.

Conditions for obtaining a public document:

Candidates demonstrate attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.

Awarding body:

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating national vocational qualifications are entered in a register of providers maintained in the relevant database of the National Reference Point for Occupational Qualifications. Providers include: vocational schools, companies, inter-company training centres, adult education centres, chambers of commerce, etc. 


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