Specialist za delo z učenci z učnimi težavami/specialistka za delo z učenci z učnimi težavami

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Name of qualification

Name of qualification

Specialist za delo z učenci z učnimi težavami/specialistka za delo z učenci z učnimi težavamiAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status)

Translated title

Specialist for work with students with learning difficulties
Type of qualification

Type of qualification

Specialisation diploma following academic higher education
Category of qualification

Category of qualification

Educational Qualification
Type of education

Type of education

Specialisation education

Duration of education

2 years
Admission requirements

Entry conditions

  • Diploma in defectology and class teaching (class teaching graduates must also pass the following differential examinations by the end of their studies: Psychology of Persons with Special Educational Needs, Methodology of Educational Work with an Individualised Programme and Human Genetics), 
  • at least three years of work experience in an elementary school or in an elementary school with an adapted programme, 
  • an average grade of very good (8) for undergraduate studies, 
  • active proficiency in at least one foreign language.
ISCED field Field
ISCED subfield subfield teacher training without subject specialisation
Qualification level

SQF Level


EQF Level


EOVK Level

Third level

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • identify students with special educational needs in elementary school and their traits, and factors from the social and learning environments,
  • identify causes for students’ learning difficulties, assess the different traits of children using observation techniques, rating scales, questionnaires, knowledge tests and other instruments,
  • successfully plan differentiated and individualised programmes, approaches, models, methods, techniques, and aids for work with students, their parents and peers and with co-workers at schools and other experts who come into contact with students, 
  • provide the conditions to appropriately motivate each student, to create the appropriate atmosphere in the class, group and school, and develop positive attitudes towards these students,
  • carry out regular and final evaluations, and adapt the teaching process to children’s needs, etc.

Assesment and completion

Examination performance is scored as follows: 10 (excellent); 9 (very good: above-average knowledge but with some mistakes); 8 (very good: solid results); 7 (good); 6 (adequate: knowledge satisfies minimum criteria); 5–1 (inadequate). In order to pass an examination, a candidate must achieve a grade between adequate (6) and excellent (10).


Students may enrol in a higher year if by the end of the academic year they have completed all requirements defined by the study programme for enrolment in a higher year.


Third-cycle doctoral study programmes (SQF, level 10)

Conditions for obtaining a public document

Candidates must defend their specialist thesis to complete their studies. Graduates of this programme must complete the programme by the 30.9.2016.

Awarding body

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education


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Upcoming event

Four Points by Sheraton Ljubljana Mons Hotel, Pot za Brdom 4, 1000 Ljubljana, 30. 05. 2018

Introductory International Conference: Monitoring the Implementation of the Slovenian Qualifications Framework

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