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Name of qualification

Name of qualification

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Translated title

Computer Operator SI
Type of qualification

Type of qualification

Upper secondary vocational education
Category of qualification

Category of qualification

Educational Qualification
Type of education

Type of education

Upper secondary vocational education

Duration of education

3 years


189 credits
Admission requirements

Entry conditions

  • Elementary education or
  • lower vocational education or
  • equivalent education under previous regulations.
ISCED field Field
Engineering, manufacturing and construction
ISCED subfield subfield electronics and automation
Qualification level

SQF Level


EQF Level


Learning outcomes

Certificate holders will be able to:

• use computer software to formulate, prepare and archive basic documents and documentation according to prescribed instructions;
• carry out basic maintenance on electrical and communications installations;
• install and test the functioning of operating systems and peripherals;
• install, test and update standard software according to instructions;
• archive and protect databases; Elective: Advanced hardware maintenance:
• monitor operation, carry out ongoing maintenance of computer components and peripherals, eliminate minor faults and organise the elimination of major faults by outside contractors;
• operate AV, projection and video conferencing devices;
• record, encode and store sound, pictures and video in digital format;
• manage and implement a control system using programmable devices;

Advanced software maintenance:

• plan and create simple programs;
• apply known solutions in new cases;
• connect computer systems to local networks and online networks, create user accounts and assign user privileges;
• ensure security in local computer networks.

The programme is adapted for provision in Slovene as the language of instruction in the ethnically mixed area of Slovenian Istria and also has the following special objectives:

• to develop communication skills in Italian and Slovene,
• to develop knowledge of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Italian national community and its mother nation,
• to teach respect for and understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity and promote cooperation between members of the Slovene nation and Italian national community. Certificate holders build on their key vocational knowledge and abilities with key general knowledge in line with national standards.

Assesment and completion

Students' vocational competences and skills, and the fulfilment of conditions to obtain credits in accordance with the education programme are established through testing and assessment. Assessment of students also takes into account non-formally acquired knowledge, which must be adequately demonstrated. Students are assessed using scores from 5 (excellent) to 1 (inadequate).


Students may progress to the next year if at the end of the academic year they achieve a positive assessment in all general education subjects and relevant vocational modules set out in the school's operational curriculum and have completed all extracurricular activities and work placement requirements.

Conditions for obtaining a public document

Students must successfully (i.e. with positive scores) complete general education subjects, compulsory and elective vocational modules, and the open part of the curriculum. They must also complete extracurricular activities and work placement requirements and pass the vocational matura examination. The vocational matura comprises a compulsory section (written and oral examinations in Slovene and healthcare) and an elective section (written and oral examination in mathematics, a foreign language or Italian, and service with oral presentation).

Awarding body

Secondary vocational and technical schools.


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