Name of qualification Name of qualification: Kemijski tehnolog/tehnologinja v operativnem procesuAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status) Translated title: Chemical technologist in the operational process
Type of qualification Type of qualification: National vocational qualification, SQF level 5
Category of qualification Category of qualification: Vocational Qualification
Admission requirements Entry conditions:
  • At least upper secondary or upper secondary technical education in any field,
  • a medical certificate with an assessment of compliance with specific health requirements for work in the chemical industry, issued by a doctor specializing in occupational medicine, and
  • two years of work experience in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.
ISCED field Field:
Engineering, manufacturing and construction
ISCED subfield subfield: chemical engineering and processes
Qualification level

SQF Level: SQF 5
EQF Level: EQF 4

Learning outcomes:


  • plans and organizes its own work and the work of others,
  • ensures the quality and performance of work in the work environment in accordance with standards,
  • uses energy, material and time rationally,
  • protects health and the environment,
  • develops entrepreneurial qualities, skills and behavior,
  • communicates with colleagues,
  • uses modern information and communication technology,
  • supervises and performs operational work in the production process,
  • performs chemical analytical tests,
  • waste management.


Verification and assessment are carried out by committees for the verification and validation of NVQs appointed by the National Examination Centre (NEC). Committee members must be licensed by the National Examination Centre. They can be found here.

Assesment and completion:

During the counselling process candidates prepare a personal portfolio which the committee evaluates and if the candidates have provided credible, appropriate and relevant evidence of knowledge, skills and competences as required by the professional standard, the committee:

  • may attest to the contents of the professional standard in full,
  • may attest to the contents of the professional standard in part and determine the knowledge, skills and competences to be further examined,
  • may not attest to the contents of the professional standard, because the candidate has not demonstrated the knowledge, skills or competences required by the professional standard and determine to further examine the professional standard in full as appropriate.


Upon examining the personal portfolio the committee shall decide on an examination method:

  • Practical examination with oral defence
  • Practical examination with defence of a written thesis*

*The candidate prepares a written thesis prior to examination in the form of a report of their operational work in the production process (planning, supervision and/or introduction of new technological processes and improvement in the operational part of the production process). The instructions for preparing the written thesis are pre-determined by the committee upon reviewing the candidate’s personal portfolio. In their written thesis the candidate needs to prove that he or she has attained the required professional competences according to the requirements of the occupational standard Chemical technologist in the operational process.

Conditions for obtaining a public document:

Candidates demonstrate attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.

Awarding body:

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating NVQs are entered in a register of providers maintained in the collection of the national information centre for vocational qualifications. These are: vocational schools, businesses, B2B training centres, adult education centres and chambers of commerce.


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