Name of qualification Name of qualification: Televizijski voditelj/televizijska voditeljicaAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status) Translated title: Television presenter
Type of qualification Type of qualification: National vocational qualification, SQF level 6
Category of qualification Category of qualification: Vocational Qualification
Admission requirements Entry conditions:
  • At least a general secondary or secondary technical qualification and
  • proof of having presented at least three television programmes in the last three years (three video recordings to be submitted by the candidate on a USB drive or DVD).
ISCED field Field:
Social sciences, journalism and information
ISCED subfield subfield: journalism and reporting
Qualification level

SQF Level: SQF 6
EQF Level: EQF 5

Learning outcomes:

Candidates will be able to:

  • plan their own work on the basis of a daily and weekly schedule and in conjunction with co-workers,
  • prepare television programmes,
  • present television programmes,
  • take responsibility for content and visual and linguistic excellence (preparation and conducting of programmes),
  • communicate constructively with television crews, guests, audiences and colleagues,
  • use technical terminology and at least one foreign language,
  • use modern information and communication technologies,
  • develop entrepreneurial characteristics, skills and behaviour,
  • make rational use of energy, material and time,
  • protect health and the environment.


Verification and assessment are carried out by committees for the verification and validation of national vocational qualifications, appointed by the National Examination Centre (NEC). Committee members must be licensed by the National Examination Centre. Licences may be found here.

Assesment and completion:


During the guidance process the candidate prepares a portfolio, which a committee then assesses, validating catalogue content in part or in full. If the committee is unable to validate all contents of the catalogue, it assigns tasks to the candidate for verification.


Practical verification with an oral presentation.

Televizijski voditelj/televizijska voditeljica



The Career path tab shows the possible career path within the selected qualification area, which is not the only one and is not mandatory. The actual transition between qualifications, which is determined by law, is defined in the Transition tab.

SQF 7 / EQF 6

Conditions for obtaining a public document:

Candidates demonstrate attainment of the knowledge, skills and competences defined in the catalogue of standards of vocational knowledge and skills.

Awarding body:

Providers of procedures for identifying and validating NVQs are entered in a register of providers maintained in the collection of the national information centre for vocational qualifications. These are: vocational schools, businesses, B2B training centres, adult education centres and chambers of commerce.


Awarding body URL: