Mojster elektronik/mojstrica elektroničarka

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Name of qualification

Name of qualification

Mojster elektronik/mojstrica elektroničarkaAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status)

Translated title

Master electronics technician
Type of qualification

Type of qualification

Master craftsman
Category of qualification

Category of qualification

Educational Qualification
Type of education

Type of education

Upper secondary technical education
Admission requirements

Entry conditions

Fulfilment of one of the following conditions:

  • the candidate has obtained a secondary vocational qualification (any stream) and has at least three years of professional experience,
  • the candidate has obtained a secondary technical qualification (any stream) and has at least two years of professional experience,
  • the candidate has obtained a higher vocational qualification or first-cycle professional higher education qualification (any stream) and has at least one year of professional experience.
ISCED field Field
Engineering, manufacturing and construction
ISCED subfield subfield electronics and automation
Qualification level

SQF Level


EQF Level


Learning outcomes

A master craftsman:

  • Maintenance, repair and putting into operation:
  • audio and video devices: audio devices, radio receivers,
  • NF amplifiers, tape recorders, cassette players, CD players, electronic musical instruments, VF amplifiers, video devices, TV sets, video recorders, TV cameras, video amplifiers,
  • computer monitors, peripherals; control technology (alarm systems); communication technology (transmission technology)
  • project design, implementation and maintenance: CaTV networks and devices, various transmitting and receiving antennas, communications networks and devices, computer networks, telephone installations and devices
  • (ATAs, modems, fax machines), public address systems, surveillance technology networks and devices (alarms)
  • build, maintain and repair other electronic devices, cinema installations, medical equipment, industrial regulation devices and systems, metering technology, etc.
  • assure the quality of services
  • carry out calculations
  • manage operations in a plant
  • take on workers and plan their development
  • implement environmental regulations and regulations on safety at work, fire safety and environmental protection
  • transfer knowledge, skills and experience to apprentices and students.


Members of examination boards for each examination unit separately. Appointed by the minister responsible for education. Appointment may be renewed every 4 years.

Assesment and completion

Candidates sit a master craftsman examination, which consists of four units:

  • a practical unit,
  • a specialised theoretical unit,
  • a business management and economics unit, and
  • a teaching/instruction unit

Conditions for obtaining a public document

In order to obtain the title of master craftsman, candidates must pass all
(four) units of the master craftsman examination.

Awarding body

Chamber of Crafts and Small Business of Slovenia


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