Magister znanosti/magistrica znanosti s področja biomedicine

Selected qualifications

Name of qualification

Name of qualification

Magister znanosti/magistrica znanosti s področja biomedicineAdd to comparison
Translated title (no legal status)

Translated title

Master of Science in the field of biomedicine
Type of qualification

Type of qualification

Pre-Bologna Research Master's Degree
Category of qualification

Category of qualification

Educational Qualification
Type of education

Type of education

Master's education

Duration of education

2 years


120 credits
Admission requirements

Entry conditions

Completed relevant undergraduate academic programme at the University of Ljubljana, generally in biomedicine or natural science and mathematics, with an average grade of 8 or higher (the curriculum board will decide on the admission of graduates from other specialisations). In exceptions, candidates who have not achieved an average grade of 8 in their undergraduate programme may also enrol. In admitting such candidates, account is taken of additional criteria: professional achievements, high-quality scientific publications, student research assignments and a high grade for their diploma thesis (9 or 10). Graduates of other universities may enrol in the graduate programme under the same conditions.

ISCED field Field
Natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
ISCED subfield subfield inter-disciplinary programmes and qualifications involving natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
Qualification level

SQF Level


EQF Level


EOVK Level

Third level

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

Graduates have an in-depth knowledge of biomedicine and master various research methods that are important for this field. They are able to pursue creative and independent scientific research work and solve the scientific problems of future employers. They have acquired the capacity to understand and critically assess solutions to demanding and complex scientific research questions. They are capable of creative and independent deliberation 

over scientific research problems, critically assess research results, develop new research methods and transfer new technologies and knowledge into practice.

Assessment and completion

Assesment and completion

Examination performance is graded as follows: 10 (excellent); 9 (very good: above-average knowledge but with some mistakes); 8 (very good: solid results); 7 (good); 6 (adequate: knowledge satisfies minimum criteria); 5–1 (inadequate). In order to pass an examination, a candidate must achieve a grade between adequate (6) and excellent (10).



To enrol in the second year, students must have obtained confirmation of enrolment and attendance from the selection of basic subjects and have completed study obligations in the amount of at least 45 credits. As part of the requirement for 45 credits, mentors can grant candidates up to 15 credits for completed research work in preparing their master’s thesis (out of a total of 30 credits intended for the master’s thesis).



Third-cycle doctoral study programmes (SQF level 10)

Condition for obtaining certificate

Conditions for obtaining a public document

Candidates complete their studies when they complete at least 120 credits and have completed obligations in all selected subjects and their master’s thesis. Candidates must complete their studies until 30.9.2016

Awarding body

Awarding body

University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Veterinary Faculty in cooperation with Jožef Štefan Institute, with the National Institute of Chemistry and with the National Institute of Biology

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