Name of qualification Spričevalo o poklicni maturiAdd to comparison [1]
Translated title (no legal status) Vocational matura certificate
Type of qualification Poslovodja
Category of qualification Izobrazba
Type of education Upper secondary technical education
4 - 5 years
Credits 240 - 300 credits
Admission requirements
  • Completed elementary or lower vocational education.
Qualification level


Knowledge: level 5

Skills: level 5

Competences: level 5

System of assessment:

Students' vocational abilities and skills and the fulfilment of conditions to obtain credits in accordance with the education programme are established through testing and assessment. Assessment also takes into account non-formally acquired knowledge that can be adequately demonstrated. Students are assessed using grades from 5 (excellent) to 1 (inadequate).

Students progress to the next year if at the end of the academic year they achieve a positive assessment in all subjects or modules and have met other requirements defined by the education programme.

Matura examination

Education programmes end with the vocational matura. The vocational matura tests students' knowledge in accordance with the objectives defined by education programmes. Candidates' success in the vocational matura is assessed using: a) points and b) assessments, which can be grades from 1 to 5 or point scores from 1 to 8. Candidates must achieve a positive score in all subjects in order to pass the vocational matura.

Matura/vocational course, higher vocational education (SQF level 6), professional higher education (SQF level 7) and academic higher education (SQF level 7)

Passing the vocational matura examination

  • Secondary technical and vocational schools in conjunction with an employer if the education programme specifies practical training through work.
  • Education centres for children and adolescents with special needs (providing programmes adapted to the special needs of students).
  • Adult education centres