Name of qualification Diploma o višji strokovni izobrazbiAdd to comparison [1]
Translated title (no legal status) Short cycle higher vocational diploma
Type of qualification Višja strokovna izobrazba
Category of qualification Izobrazba
Type of education Short cycle higher vocational education
2 years
Credits 120 credits
Admission requirements
  • general or vocational matura
  • master craftsman's, foreman's or managerial examination, three years' work experience and a test of knowledge of general education subjects at the level required for the vocational matura in secondary technical education.
Qualification level

Short cycle

Knowledge: level 6

Skills: level 6

Competences: level 6

System of assessment:

Students' knowledge is assessed by means of practical exercises and seminar papers, and also via products, projects, performances, services and otherwise, and by examinations. Examination performance is graded as follows: 10 (excellent); 9 (very good: above-average knowledge but with some mistakes); 8 (very good: of results); 7 (good); 6 (adequate: knowledge satisfies minimum criteria); 5-1 (inadequate). In order to pass the examination, the candidate must achieve a grade between adequate (6) and excellent (10).

Students may progress to the next year if at the end of the academic year they have met all requirements defined by the study programme.

Access to further education: first-cycle study programmes (SQF, level 7)

A diploma is issued to students who meet all the obligations under the higher vocational study programme and pass the diploma examination (diploma thesis and oral defence).

Higher vocational school in cooperation with employers providing practical training.