Name of qualification Diploma o univerzitetnem izobraževanjuAdd to comparison [1]
Translated title (no legal status) Pre-Bologna academic higher education
Type of qualification Diploma o univerzitetnem izobraževanju
Category of qualification Izobrazba
Type of education Academic bachelor's education
4 to 6 years
Admission requirements
  • Matura,
  • vocational matura with additional examination,
  • final examination before 1 June 1995.
Qualification level

Second level

Knowledge: level 8

Skills: level 8

Competences: level 8

System of assessment:

Examination performance is graded as follows: excellent (10), very good (9 and 8), good (7), adequate (6) and inadequate (1 to 5). In order to pass the examination, the candidate must obtain a grade between adequate (6) and excellent (10).

Students may progress to the next year if by the end of the academic year they have met all requirements defined by the study programme for progression to the next year.

Access to further education:
third-cycle doctoral study programmes (SQF, level 10)

A diploma was issued to students who met all the obligations under the programme and pass the diploma examination.

Universities, faculties, academies of art.