Name of qualification Diploma o specializaciji (po univerzitetni izobrazbi)Add to comparison [1]
Translated title (no legal status) Specialisation diploma following academic higher education; referenced as EQF level 7
Type of qualification Specializacija po univerzitetni izobrazbi
Category of qualification Izobrazba
Type of education Specialisation education
1 to 2 years
Admission requirements

An academic degree and fulfilment of other conditions

Qualification level

Third level

Knowledge: level 9

Skills: level 9

Competences: level 9

System of assessment:

Examination performance is graded as follows: 10 (excellent); 9 (very good: above-average knowledge but with some mistakes); 8 (very good: of results); 7 (good); 6 (adequate); 5-1 (inadequate). In order to pass the examination, the candidate must score between 6 (adequate) and 10 (excellent).

Students may progress to the next year if by the end of the academic year they have met all requirements defined by the study programme for progression to the next year.

Access to further education: third-cycle doctoral study programme (SQF, level 10)

Specialisation students had to submit a specialist thesis at the end of their studies and successfully defend it.

  • Universities, faculties, academies of art.